Chuave clans told to support project

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 CHUAVE MP Wera Mori has warned the two landowner clans of Duma and Mam in the district to stay out of the Goiri limestone project site.

He told the people during a meeting with the Chinese delegation at the Goiri project site that they should not disturb the project workers. This would allow the smooth flow of the feasibility studies and for work to be completed on schedule.

More than 95 kilometres of limestone deposit have been identified in the province, the Chimbu limestone office in Kundiawa says. And laboratory tests have shown that the quality is more than 99% pure.

The limestone is to be mined for cement and other products. The ingredients for cement and limestone, sand, clay, iron ore and gypsum.

Project coordinator Kohn Digan said gypsum would be imported while the other ingredients would be sourced from the province.

Engineers are working on a plant design for the production of 2,500 tonnes of Portland cement per month. 

It will take three years to construct the plant and is expected to commence in the middle of next year at a location yet to be selected.