Traffic police need resources

Transport PNG

Officer-In-charge of 4-Mile Traffic, Senior Inspector Joseph Salle has raised concerns over the lack of resources in carrying out its duty.
Salle said under the Motor Traffic Act the traffic was mandated to impound vehicles however this has not happened due to lack of resources.
He said traffic police does not have the land to keep impounded vehicles neither does it have tow trucks to tow the vehicles.
“The yard at the 4-Mile traffic office is not enough to cater for impounded vehicles, we needed a bigger land area to keep the impounded vehicles, until their owners come for it.
“We should be impounding vehicles which were involved in road accidents and other traffic offences, but we are not doing it.
“Currently my officers just warn or spot fine drivers and let them go, although we are mandated by law to impound vehicles which breaks traffic rules, we are handicapped and cannot do much,” he said.
He said a vehicle that broke down on a public street and remains there for more than a day was already causing obstruction to other drivers, thus it must be impounded for the safety of the other road users.
Salle said heavy vehicles which broke down were the most dangerous as it is already an obstruction to other drivers thus the driver must display warning signs to warn other drivers.
“If your vehicle is over four ton in weight, breaks down you must use double blinkers to warn others drivers.”
He urged drivers of heavy vehicles to always give indication and enough warning to oncoming drivers to slow down and ready to overtake.
He said currently the traffic police lacked the necessary resources to respond to the increasing traffic offences in the city.
“We lack manpower and resources to do our job effectively in protecting people and their property.”

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