Signs need better locations

Transport PNG

Traffic signs must be erected at strategic locations which are ideal and do not cause inconvenience to the public.
Officer-In-charge of 4-Mile Traffic, Senior Inspector Joseph Salle said the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) must erect traffic signs at sites which would not be an obtruction to oncoming motorists.
He said it was a concern that most of the traffic signs in the city were erected without consultation with the traffic police.
“NCDC should consult the traffic police before erecting traffic signs in parts of the city, as we deal with the daily road accidents and keeps records of it.
“From our accidents record it would be easy to identify hot spots in the city that needs traffic signs.
“An example would be the 6-Mile roundabout going to 7-Mile and to Magi Highway.
“The pedestrian crossing is known for causing traffic jam especially during rush hours.
“This crossing also makes it easier for opportunist to snatch items in a vehicle.
“I believe proper consultation by NCDC and traffic would eliminated such problems,” he said.
He said speed humps, pedestrian crossing and other traffic signs should be erected in areas which are identified as hot spots.
He appealed to NCDC to maintain existing traffic signs especially the lines marking or indicating a pedestrian crossing must be visible for drivers and pedestrians.
“In certain parts of the city most of the marking at a pedestrian crossing is faded and not visible.”

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