Trail project eyeing Kokoda Track extension


NORTHERN and Kokoda Track are starting a new project called trail conservation to extend the Kokoda Track to make it a world heritage and tourist attraction site.
The trail conservation project has started to extend the Kokoda trail to several borders within the province.
The conservation of the protected site will go from Northern, Brown River in Central and Asimba then to neighbouring places in Goilala.
Northern administrator Trevor Magei said the project is supported by the provincial government and Kokoda initiative.
The awareness team in the province has gone out to the community to create awareness of the project, he said.
“Protected site from the corridor of the trail all the way down to parts of the province and nearby Central villages and those places will be protected and preserved for tourists – for bird watching and war zones and others,” Magei said.
He said the protected sites will have to be preserved and extended because they have seen nearly the whole of the province as war zones and that has to be a tourist site for everyone and outsiders coming into the country.
The project was expected to boost the economy through tourism and cultural conservation.
Since the project kicked off, Northern government has been hoping to get support from development partners to complete it by the end of the year.