Trainers undergo training on firearm laws, use of force

Bomana Training College trainers during a routine march with firearms by trainers yesterday. – Picture Supplied

NANCY Apa is among the trainers who went through the Royal PNG Constabulary training on firearm laws and use of force at the Bomana Training College in Port Moresby.
“Very challenging, maybe a very much underestimated description of it,” she said.
She had to duck, weave and dodge criticisms hurled her way since she entered the college in 2011.
In the end she emerged on top, proving too good in the men’s world to gain the respect of her colleagues.
“I got to be like men and do what they are doing to prove myself that I’m capable of anything,” she said.
After a time in the force and training: “They don’t see us as a female or male but one male gender.”
She had to keep strong, no alternative.
“I want to be here so that the new women recruiters that will come in can see me and be motivated to stay in the force and not to be discouraged by men,” she said.
She urged the women not to be discouraged by anyone and to join the force if they had the opportunity.
“Men will discourage women, but you have to be brave.”
Police director of training Chief Supt Perou N’dranou said the training would improve policing standards and enable police to do their work correctly.
“The idea is to make sure they don’t do wrong things while using the firearms, especially now that there are a lot of allegations against police.”
He said policemen needed to know the use of firearms and handling of weapons while doing their jobs. “The challenges for these trainers now are, how best they will go and train their officers on the ground,” Chief Supt N’dranou said.