Tribes grateful for water supply project

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 SIX tribes living near of a proposed water supply project that will pipe water to Queensland, Australia, have thanked the Government for going ahead with the project.

The Ilias, Rakenda, Yame, Rika, Onarop and Undiri Kambiri tribes in Southern Highlands around the proposed water catchment area and have promised to make the project successful.

Spokesperson Yaks Oyali said the big project  would benefit the country.

He said PNG was not only blessed with the minerals but with the environment.

“We thank Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Minister for works Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa for their commitment and tireless efforts in making sure the water project is approved by the national executive council and making funds available for the feasibility studies.

He said unlike oil, gas and mining, which caused environmental damage, water would do no such damage. 

Oyali said water would be piped out from the country and the people were the main beneficiaries.

“My people are prepared to work together in order to see that the project is completed,” he said.