Tributes paid to late Sir Kubulan Los

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

LAWYERS, senior jud­ges and members of the judicial and legal servi­ces paid tribute to former ambassador to the Uni­ted States and retired National Court judge, the late Sir Kubulan Los, last Friday at the Sioni Kami Memorial church in Port Moresby.
Sir Kubulan was recovering from prostate cancer surgery when he died more than a week ago at his family home in Boroko. He was 70.
Speaking at his funeral service, Justice Bernard Sakora said Sir Kubulan had performed multi tasks for more than 39 years in the judiciary and legal services in Papua New Guinea and touched the lives of many people in many ways.
He said Sir Kubulan was a pioneer law student of the University of Papua New Guinea, graduating in 1972.
He was the first man from Madang to graduate from the university, followed by former chief justice and former Madang governor,
Sir Arnold Amet.
“Sir Kubulan’s father was one of the pioneer Lutheran teachers in Madang and his Christian upbringing contri­buted to what he later became,” Sakora said. 
He said while Sir Kubulan was in senior bureaucratic positions, he was very humble and loyal and despite the positions he held, he maintained his humble and loyal character and did not find it hard to interact with people from different backgrounds.
“Following his dedicated and distinguished service to the people of PNG he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1996,” Sakora said.
“Thank you the people of Madang for giving this great man into the judiciary and legal service of this nation.”
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said he joined the bench in 1993 when Sir Kubulan was a very senior judge and had worked closely with him for 14 years.
He said Sir Kubulan was with the bench for 24 years and was a dedicated pioneer in many areas of law.
Sir Salamo said apart from being a judge, Sir Kubulan was a member of the Judiciary Council.
“He was a friend to all and enemy to none, even when it was difficult to have no enemies because of the kind of job we do, he told us to strictly practice and maintain this.”
Sir Kubulan’s body was flown to Madang at 7am on Saturday and he was buried at Nabasa next to Hilan Los.
He is survived by his four children, Christine, Nicholas, Anthony, Andrew and grandchildren, Deirdre, Esau, Kubulan, Aaron and Jayden.