TSC: Act does not include teachers


THE amended Public Service Management Act doesn’t apply to teachers, especially those who want to contest the general election, an official says.
Teaching Service Commission (TSC) commissioner policy Joel Nave told The National that teachers were governed by the Teaching Service Act.
Nava said Parliament amended the Public Service Management Act 1995 that compelled public servants who intended to contest elections to resign 12 months before.
He said it also restricted them from returning to work in the public service for five years.
Nava said the amendment did not apply to teachers who intended to resign to contest the election.
He said the amended Act was for other public servants.
“This is because teachers are governed by the Teaching Services Act,” he said.
“Teachers who wished to contest the upcoming elections will still have the opportunity to exercise their right to contest the election by resigning six months before the return of writs are issued.”
Nava said those teachers who resigned to contest the election and were unsuccessful, could re-apply to the teaching service two months after receiving the declaration of the results.