Tuition-fee help wins MP praise from graduating teachers


TWENTY-ONE teachers have praised their MP for helping with their tuition fees when they studied at Simbu Teachers’ College.
The teachers are from Nipa-Kutubu district in Southern Highlands and they graduated at the end of last year. A spokesperson for the teachers, Mark Kopeap, said the District Development Authority, through MP Jeffery Komal paid about K378,000 in tuition fees during their three years at the college.
“For me alone, the DDA paid K18,000,” Kopeap said.
“Most of these teachers come from poor background and the help eased the burden of the parents.”
Another teacher, Tegi Rodney, said they would not have come this far, if it had not been for the MP’s support.
“We are pleased to see most of the infrastructures at schools improved and this meant that the MP was serious in developing human resources,” he said.
MP Komal said he would continue to support tertiary students because most of them were poor.
The district will fund elementary schools this year.

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