K1mil put aside for pilot training in Malaysia


THE HELA government is looking at providing scholarships for pilot training in Malaysia starting this year, Governor Philip Undialu says.
Undialu told The National last week that the provincial government’s priorities were education, law and order, and infrastructure developments.
It has allocated K1 million this year for Hela students to attend a pilot-training school in Malaysia.
“For this year, we have allocated around K10.5million to our education sector and that includes K6 million to assist our tertiary students in the country with their tuition fees, K1 million to assist students studying overseas, K1 million for pilot training and K2.5 million for school uniforms in secondary and high schools.
“The K6 million allocated for the tuition fees of our students studying in tertiary institutions throughout the country is our immediate priority now.
“We will assist the students from our recurrent funds and starting next week and during the registration period, we will be going around to assist our students and that is our very immediate priority now.”
He said education and human resource development were key to addressing all law and order issues affecting the province as well as bringing change and development.
“That’s why education is becoming one of our key priorities and we have allocated K1 million specifically for Hela students to get pilot trainings in Malaysia.
“We want to assist some of our students to become pilots and they will be training in Malaysia because their training is of British standard.
“One of our guys who recently went to pilot training in Malaysia is flying in the Emirates and that has prompted me to sponsor students there in Malaysia for pilot training.”

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