Turning a blind eye


India just tested an anti-satellite missile creating multiple dangerous debris in the atmosphere.
Industrialisation activities of the First World nations plus military activities sadly destroying our ozone layer to a point where it can no longer protect the earth from suns’ heat and radiation.
Not long, in few years’ time, we will come to a point where all the space junks, asteroids, meteors, comets and other space objects will freely penetrate the thinned Earth’s atmosphere without burning up. Indeed, we the Third World and the innocent wildlife will pay the price.
Even though we witnessed these cruel activities of the developed nations, we all turned a blind eye. Ignorance is killing humanity
and ignorance will destroy humanity.
The saddest part of the story is, we all third world will face the consequences. We the developing nations seem to be the solution of the problems caused by these developed nations. Nevertheless, actually, they are killing us double time.
Our islands are sinking faster than before.
We are experiencing unpredictable and violent weather changes that comes with destructing power.
Rising sea levels and the melting of ancient North and South
Pole ice is causing a lot of damage.
We are perishing. Yet everyone is turning a blind eye. No even one person is bold enough to stand up and speak.
We will all reap what we have sowed.
Woe to the innocent, we have done nothing, yet we are feeling the pain and we foresee more coming.
We are doom to destruction if we don’t swiftly turn the tide around. My World My People

Amos- Taka Pora

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