Twenty shops looted in Alotau rampage

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ABOUT 20 shops were burglarised and looted by the armed mob that attacked the police and burned down the police barracks in Milne Bay’s Alotau on April 29, Milne Bay chamber of commerce and industry president Jeff Abel says.
“We condemn such unprovoked attacks and lootings.
“Asian businesses were targeted but the Digicel showroom and Air Niugini offices were also vandalised.
“The Masurina security armory office was also a target with its control room ransacked and vandalised,” he added.
He said the Alotau business community through the chamber had decided to shut down on one of its busiest days of the week.
“All banks and shops were closed and the provincial administration also shut.
“Some government services, including schools, were instructed to close as a consequence of last Thursday’s open gun battles in the streets,” he added.
Abel said a state of emergency (SOE) had been requested through the provincial law and order committee that met last Friday in an effort to try and regain control over what seemed to be an out-of-control situation on the ground.
“We strongly condemn the actions of these armed criminals against our police and communities to be an act of domestic terrorism.
“We call on the Government to seriously respond to our appeal and cries for help to restore law and order.
“Our small town of Alotau that we love so much is dying a slow and painful death by events that have been taking place in recent times,” Abel lamented.

One thought on “Twenty shops looted in Alotau rampage

  • Alotau open member, Charles Abel and John Luke Milne Bay Governor should step down down immediately amid the crisis in the Province.
    The Milne Bay governor is no where to be seen, since being elected. Charles Abel could not seat down with the youths / criminals and its authorities to come with a peaceful solution. Instead he keeps on blaming the youths/criminals and trying to use the heavy hand tactic to suppress the social problems that needs and leader.
    The Governor I don’t know why they elect him in the first pace, he has done nothing , I mean nothing.

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