UN aids zoo in Jimi

National, Normal


KAVALI Memorial Zoo in the Jimi district of Western Highlands has received K10,480 from the United Nations.
The UN, under its small grant project, assisted the Middle Jimi people to preserve and conserve their environment and wild life  at a presentation in Mt Hagen last Friday after the signing of a memorandum of agreement on Sept 4.
The zoo covers more than 22,000ha of virgin forest containing many species of animals and plants.
It was a community project initiated by the Boka Vinambka tribe and supported by Morkai, Tambe Kapka, Opai, Pelkee and Sekaka clansmen.
Project coordinator Michael Jinga said it was the wish of 22,000 people of the area to protect their environment.
Jinga said the money they received would be use to further develop the zoo.
He said the zoo offers  bird watching, sightseeing, beautiful water falls, a picnic area and ideal for research work.
Jinga said a bush material house was built near the zoo to accommodate visitors.
He said the land was registered with the Lands Department on Nov 20 last year.
Jinga said the area was a recognised protected area and free from farming and hunting.