Unfair allocation of goods and services

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th January 2012

GOVERNOR Peter Ipatas is building all the infrastructure for Enga at his home village Iraely while Kompiam-Ambum MP John Pundari is building his at his Aiyamates village.
Most government services should be established and renovated at areas like Kompiam station or Wabag town.
If these two MP are elected by the people of Enga then impact projects should be equally distributed in all the districts or set at the central and recognised area.
How can John Pundari set a police station at his village when Kompiam station is deteriorating with its district office lying idle?
Can the people of Enga see what is happening at Irealya village on changes taking place?
Recently, the Irealya villagers set a road block and torched a police vehicle.
One wonders whether the same people can manage to look after infrastructure worth millions of kina.
It would be a waste and a loss for Enga people’s money.
I urge the concerned Sweep Team not to investigate misappropriation only but to investigate locations on which state buildings are constructed as these places are not on government-gazette areas thus it is an abuse of public funds when they are destroyed by fire or tribal  fights.
Enga people should not be cheated by arrogant leaders who are selfish and greedy, using people’s money for their own ends. 

Cr Matius Mulyakane
Kasi Ward 9