Unggai- Bena win disputed

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The National, Thursday 13th September, 2012

UNGGAI-Bena election runner-up, Winchlee Oibotee has registered a petition in the Court of Disputed Returns challenging the win by Benny Allan.
Oibotee’s petition claimed errors, omissions and illegal practices by Electoral Commission officials, compounded with bribery, assault, threat, intimidation and tampering of ballot papers during the polling period.
“It would be true to say that for Unggai-Bena, the election process was hijacked. It was not free, fair and safe in every sense,” he said.
“It is frustrating and disappointing to note that election officials, in particular returning officer Demo Imara, miserably failed the people of Unggai-Bena in not ensuring that proper procedures were followed.”
He said inflation and manipulation of ballot papers were accepted as a normal part of the process.
He said they were talking about a variation of 3,680 ballot papers over what was declared (39,260 ballot papers) to candidates before being distributed to the polling venues.
Oibotee said 42,940 ballot papers were returned.