Uni launches programme

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 THE PNG University of Technology (Unitech) on Monday launched the masters programme in remote sensing and geographic information system. 

The department of surveying and lands studies will offer this programme via distance mode through the university’s department of open and distance learning (DODL).

A pioneer group of 16 students were registered in the inaugural two-year programme.

The programme includes 16 modules that students will be required to complete over three sessions over the two years. 

Two of the sessions would be completed  through distance mode while one would require students to attend lectures on campus learning for six weeks. 

Acting pro-vice chancellor (administration), Macquin Maino officially launched the programme on Monday and declared it open for the pioneer students to sit for their first class in the afternoon.

Maino said the university must continue to educate and refine the minds of professionals to govern offices in the country.

He said Unitech, as an educational institution, should not ignore the need to educate Papua New Guineans.

He said he was confident that the programme would be successful. 

DODL director, Wilson Toverika praised the surveying and lands department for setting a bench mark for the university with the new masters programme through distance learning.

He said there is a big demand for such programmes to enable professionals to achieve their dreams.

An employee of the Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) Company, Slaidi Akike, is a pioneer female student of the programme and thanked the staff of the surveying and lands studies department, DODL and the management of the university for making the programme a reality.

“We have been waiting for such a programme for so long and have been going overseas for further studies,” Akike said.

“Finally you have brought the course to our door step,” she said.

Surveying and lands department deputy head, Lewi Kari, on behalf of the department, thanked the department’s head, Prof K.D. Pal and other university staff for establishing the programme.