Youths use songs to fight corruption

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


CORRUPTION is the abuse of power and authority for private benefit and is a disease that is practiced almost everywhere in the country, an official says.

This disease, if not addressed can prevent development and basically steals an individual’s freedom and democratic rights, he said.

Youths can be a powerful tool if harnessed to fight corruption, chairman of Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) Lawrence Stephens said.

The Youth Against Corruption Association have been an advocate in addressing the issue of corruption in the country by setting up awareness and educating youths in the fight against corruption in PNG 

The association yesterday held a press conference at the Ivestment Promotion Authority (IPA HAUS) to present the prizes for the anti-corruption song writing contest.  

The contest, an initiative of Transparency International PNG youth programme, was aimed at showing the youths a means of communicating their anti-corruption message through music.

The theme was “Be the change”. 

The first prize, a Kumul brand acoustic guitar was awarded to Ruthie Age of Port Moresby.

John Mimari of Port Moresby won the second prize and the third went to Samuel Hageyo of Western.