Unity never fails, prisons boss tells senior officers


CORRECTIONAL Services Commissioner Michael Waipo has urged senior officers to work together to achieve their 2018 implementation plans.
Officiating in the opening of the annual activity implementation plan workshop on Tuesday, Waipo said as per the workshop’s theme, they needed to get back to basics as it was a time to rethink some of their strategies and live within their means when their budget was not promising.
“The annual activity implementation plan is a very important aspect of an organisation’s strategic direction,” he said.
Waipo said it could be compared as a road map that would take them to their intended destination.
“It is time we rethink our strategies by getting back to basics and living within our means.”
Waipo said that summed up what they should do in a holistic government approach as the nation was faced with tough economic times with budget cuts and a recession after unprecedented economic growth due to oil and gas boom.
“Our government has realised that and has taken steps to address this situation by a shift in government focus from extractive industries to agriculture, tourism, and small and medium enterprises as a way to stabilise the economy and bring in foreign exchange,” Waipo said.
Waipo said Correctional Services with their prison rehabilitation policy was in a good position to piggyback on government initiatives to achieve their activity plans for next year.
“Correctional Services has a lot of land and free labour which allow us to tap into the agriculture sector with assistance from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, we can be self-sufficient in meeting our food requirements by producing our own food for detainees.”