University launches online research platform


THE University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) will have an online research data platform, the Pro-Quest One Academic Resource programme, pro vice-chancellor Prof Paul Fleming says.
Fleming said this during the programme’s launch on Tuesday.
The Pro-Quest One Academic Resource programme will be accessible by all students, librarians, staff, lecturers and tutors in the university.
“The broad collection of authoritative content in pro-quest will improve students’ ways of researching and help them to do informative work,” Fleming said.
“A librarians’ work will be made easier when pro-quest makes books available through discovery service and Google scholar.
“Pro-quest can assist lecturers and tutors with a wide variety of content to write a thesis, digitise and save it in pro-quest’s archive.”
He said UPNG was the first tertiary institution to have the online research programme.
UPNG vice–chancellor Frank Griffin said pro-quest would give access to materials that were up to date and referenced properly which allowed the university to perform at a much better level in terms of service provision.
“We will not only depend on the resources provided by pro-quest but we will save our own resources in pro-quest,” Griffin said.
Pro-quest sales director Vicna Vinesh said the programme contained research-focused content and provided multiples options that would allow researchers to choose the best content that suited them. “The programme can automatically update the content and has a great deal of information to support your research,” he said. Griffin said there would be no more issues of outdated books and electronic information in UPNG as pro-quest would provide a new approach to the electronic age of information service.