Unknown man’s body found


The body of a man believed to be from the Highlands was found at the Purari River, in Gulf, by Akoma villagers last Friday.
It was found floating in the river by a youth from the village in the Baimuru district.
Akoma villager Evara Poo said that they buried the body on the same day because it was decomposing.
“This is not the first time that we have found bodies floating in the mouth of the Purari River,” Poo said.
“There have been so many bodies washed up along our village’s river banks and we always bury them when we find them as we do not have a morgue and the bodies are always decomposing.”
Poo said that villagers recently buried five bodies believed to be from the Highlands.
“Over the last five to six years we have found many bodies of unknown men who we bury in our village cemeteries, we don’t know who they are or where they are from but we believe they maybe from the Highlands region,” he said.
“There are many rivers from the Highlands region connecting the Purari River and that is why we think they are from Highlands because the bodies that we found have the features of Highlanders.”