UOG lacks leaders who can motivate

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 22nd April 2013

 The University of Goroka needs more than just ma­nagers and academics to lead this institution. 

It needs leaders who can motivate and inspire students to bring about positive changes.

It should not use threats to undermine the students.

The management is using outdated command-control approach to drive the university instead of a collaborative network ap­proach that includes students and stakeholders within the institution. 

By abolishing the students’ representative coun­cil (SRC), a puppet student voice council (SVC) was established 

and legitimised by the management.

As the SVC does not have a constitution, how did it become a legitimate and valid body?

The SRC was abolish-ed as a result of the 2010 students’ boycott.

I also find it incredible that a state-owned university continues to be headed by the same management for a long period of time.

The UOG Act must be reviewed and amended to limit the terms of the university management to three terms.

While there appears to be some form of stability and order in the campus, at the same time, the ab­solute power of the ma­nagement is taking its toll on students.

For example, students are charged for nearly every service they want on the campus. 

Although there is a massive increase in this year’s school fees, the service, the quality and quantity of food at the mess hall have not im­proved.

Students are forced to queue up for almost an hour at times to be served their meals. 

Students now have to pay a fee to get their academic transcripts and the costs of the graduation gowns have gone up too.

Why can’t UOG build 

a proper hall for graduation ceremonies instead 

of using the makeshift stage that is at the mercy 

of the rain and the sun? 

The prices of all re­source books have gone up dramatically.

The pocket allowance from the office of higher education is not enough to cover the cost of these books.

Many of us wonder where all the allocations for UOG have gone to.


Bok Talau