Upset candidate to seek legal action

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The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 A candidate for the Ambenob LLG president’s seat in Madang claims he did not cast his vote as only two hours was given for them to vote.

Anton Johannes, a correctional officer from Beon jail outside Madang, said that he was “utterly disgusted” by missing out, and is considering taking legal action.

“We were given only two hours to vote,” Johannes, who appeared visibly angry, said. 

“Polling commenced at 11am and was over by 12:56 at midday. 

“I, as a candidate, did not vote. Voters at Beon have always voted at Beon, they (polling officers) cannot say this facility is not gazetted.

“This was a gross abuse of the much-publicised free, fair and safe election campaign slogan.

“An extra six hours added to the two would be justice for the candidates.

“It’s unfair and biased. I am seeking legal action.”

Ambenob LLG returning officer Albert Ului said Beon was not a designated polling location but on the advice of returning officer Philip Enn, a team was sent their “specifically for the officers and others to vote”.

Many eligible voters missed out due to the two-hour time limit. 

Enn said he had instructed Ului to allow an extra day for voting in the area to cater for the Beon jail but that had not been done.

He said he would assess the situation and allow an extra day for the voters in the Beon jail area to cast their votes if their concerns were genuine.