Use another design for country’s flag


I AGREE with Petrus Gand’s idea on Tuesday’s The National to change the design of the Papua New Guinea flag.
However, does the writer know the meaning of the cross, which is now known by many church goers as the sign of Christianity?
Many Christian churches do not know the real meaning and purpose of the mark and sign of the cross.
In the Roman Empire, the cross is a place where the final judgment is declared and whoever is found guilty of a crime may be hanged on the cross to die.
A person who is found guilty of murder may have the victim’s dead body tied around his or her body.
The guilty then walks around until the odour from the dead person’s body eventually causes him or her to die.
Through Jesus’ death on the cross, men believe that the cross is the mark or the sign of Christianity.
As a Christian, I believe that if the design on the flag has to be changed, another sign representing God should be added instead of the Roman Empire’s cross.

Christopher W Taweg