Use money to install surveillance cameras

Letters, Normal

THE primary function of the correctional services (CS) is to prevent convicted prisoners from escaping.
The CS minister and his commissioner have failed to justify how the K9 million, which will be used to buy guns, will effectively achieve that goal.
The contents on the press statement (The National, Oct 4) failed to clarify or justify how the new guns will be used to maintain security effectively within the prison system.
It was probably written by someone with less intellect than the minister and commissioner as the contents failed miserably to convince the public the purpose for the purchase of the guns in relation to CS functions.
I urge the government not to approve the purchase of the guns as it will not be effective in achieving the purpose of CS existence and wasting taxpayers’ money.
The CS does not need high-powered guns to effectively maintain security in the prisons system.
William Kapris showed how easy it was to escape from the maximum security unit (MSU) without even firing a single shot but using the charm of a woman.
Does the CS minister really think high-powered weapons issued to MSU would assist warders deter the country’s number one prisoner from escaping?
The K9 million should be used to install and maintain surveillance cameras around the Bomana jail, repair and upgrade warders’ houses, improve their remuneration package and installing advance technology to maintain security instead of wasting money on weapons.


Port Moresby