Keep it up, Olkoben

Letters, Normal

SOUTHERN Highlands provincial treasurer Lawrence Olkoben has been commended for delivering the government’s district treasury capacity building programme.
He has single-handedly rolled out the programme in all the eight districts of Southern Highlands, including the Hela region. 
The last leg of the roll-out was done in the Hela region.
He was commended by Finance Minister Peter O’Neill and secretary Gabriel Yer, who is his boss.
Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru has described Olkoben as a role model.
As a Southern Highlander living in Mendi, I must say it is true Olkoben is consistent and a no-nonsense public servant.
Despite all the politics and maladministration of the Southern Highlands administration, Olkoben is always here in Mendi.
He has survived the turmoil in Mendi and is the most committed public servant at Agiru Centre.
He is truly a role model public servant.
There were some cooked-up allegations against him earlier this year by people with personal grudges against him.
The Southern Highlands administration even went to court to remove him as provincial treasurer. This action was unfortunate.
The SHPG stood by Olkoben and objected to the moves by the SH administration.
Yer restrained from acting because the allegations were unfounded, mischievous and framed up by people with vested interest.
The people of Southern Highlands want to see the real meaning and effect of the district treasury system.
The district treasuries must now work to deliver the services.
They are not private pay masters for politicians.
Keep up the good work, Olkoben.


Naik Naiko
Mendi, SHP