Usino-Bundi approves K1mil for tertiary students’ fees


THE Usino-Bundi district development authority, in its meeting on Monday, approved K1 million to assist its tertiary students next year.
Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro said the district development authority decided to help the students because he believed that they should be investing in human development.
Uguro said the Government in its free education policy, catered for primary and high school students and the burden on parents now was the tuition fees for tertiary students.
He said Usino-Bundi students had potential engineers, politicians and professionals who were currently struggling for tuition fees charged by tertiary institutions.
“Students should be properly screened before the DDA assists,” Uguro said.
“We want to do this carefully so that we invest on the right students who are purely Usino-Bundi children.”
Uguro said the DDA resolved and committed another K1 million to the National Development Bank to run
its district credit scheme as part of an initiative to assist small and medium enterprises.
He said small and medium enterprise (SMEs) could borrow from that capital and use to start up small business as a pathway to eliminating poverty and increasing wealth.
The district development authority approved K200,000 for the installation of an EMTV receiver at Walium so that Usino-Bundi people could watch TV.
Meanwhile, a K2.2 million rural electrification project in the district should see its first clients benefit before Christmas.
Uguro said people living along Walium and Usino would get power before the year ended.
He said the next lot to get power next year would be those living between Walium and Kesewai.

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