Vairas are just as good as local folks

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I FEEL for those who have aired their displeasure of vairas or outsi­ders running the administration of West New Britain.
What they have stated about the origins of the people concerned are facts and nobody can disprove that.
But what they failed to realise is the fact that those people concerned are in their current positions be­cause they were elected by the people or appointed by the national government.
For elected leaders, people gave them the mandate through a legitimate pro­cess, which is the general election.
The provincial administrator is appointed by the national executive council.
So there should not be any question about that appointment.
It is irresponsible to claim that the leaders concerned do not have the heart for the people because they are not from West New Britain.
It is a fact that leaders cannot satisfy everyone’s needs regardless of their origin.
Therefore, for people to blame the origin of leaders as a result of poor leadership in WNB is a joke.
In the past, we have lea­ders from West New Bri­tain but they fared even worse that the current team.
In my honest opinion, Talasea Open will still be ruled by a vaira.
The trend has changed, so please do not live in the past.

Misty 2011
Port Moresby