Vanimo needs fish market


THE border town of Vanimo, West Sepik, needs a proper fish market.
At the moment, there is none.
Many people are not able to supplement their diet with fish.
Fresh fish contain a lot of nutritional values and as such, a market should be established to provide the residents with an alternate source of protein. Besides, fresh fish are cheap compared to the dear freezer meat sold in shops.
Those who cannot afford protein sold in shops are missing out.
A fish market would see people get employed, earn money and the town would have an increased food security.
People in Vanimo are not regularly fishing because there isn’t much to gain from it.
They need an avenue to sell their catches.
It is sad when comparing other coastal towns with Vanimo.
Other towns have facilities but Vanimo doesn’t .
Can the relevant authorities take note and look into this and do something.
A proper and bigger fish market is required to serve all.

Osbourne Terry,
Vanimo Secondary – WSP

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