Villagers enjoy footbridge

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

THE people of Kabiufa Namba two area in Goroka district, Eastern Highlands, can now safely cross the Asaro River after the completion of a footbridge.
More than 20 lives have been lost over the past 15 years, mostly schoolchildren, who tried to cross the river to get to schools on the other side.
The completion of the new footbridge by Mawali Civil Works last week brought relief for the people who live on the border of Daulo and Goroka districts.
Project public relations officer Asaro Kasimo said the days of losing lives in the flooded Asaro River were over.
He said mothers, farmers and public servants faced great difficulty in crossing the river to get to markets, the health centre, schools and Goroka town.
He thanked Finance and Treasury Minister Don Polye who provided the funding for the bridge in his capacity as Works and Transport Minister in the previous government.
“The completion of the bridge has brought great relief to the people,” Kasimo said.
He applauded the support of Works Secretary Joel Luma, John Tibe­rame and Elijah Gomae, who supported him to trace the commitment and got the funding for the bridge.
He said at the site last weekend they found great difficulty in getting to Asaro Bridge and Lapegu, which were too far away.
Bob Ake of ward four in the Minamalo local level government, said Polye had recognised their plight and had come to their help.
He commended the Eastern Highlands works division and National Alliance Party Eastern Highlands branch for working together
to make the bridge a reality.
Kopan Koki, of Asaroka Primary School, said no more lives would  be lost to the flooded river.
Hamanive Gorinamo, from Ufeto-Kopika village, commended Kasimo for being instrumental in following up the commitment to bring the bridge.
“The days of walking kilometres to cross the river is now history, I thank Polye for the financial support,” he said.