Vision 2050 awareness stressed in workshop

Lae News, Normal


PROVINCIAL administrators, who concluded a three-day workshop on the Government’s Vision 2050, have stressed the need for greater public awareness on the Vision and the National Strategic Plan.
This is among a long list of responsibilities under what they termed as the Lae declaration giving themselves, the Chief Secretary, national departments, the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers and all Government agencies to do in order to effectively implement the national strategic plan to realise the objectives of the Vision 2050.
They signed the declaration last Friday evening before returning to their respective provinces.
They told the Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc and top Waigani public servants that public awareness was important in ensuring the people of Papua New Guinea understood what the Vision was all about.
The administrators recommended under the Lae declaration, that an awareness strategy be developed to ensure departments at both national and provincial levels as well as the public understood the importance of the Vision.
In their feedback on the presentations on the Vision, the administrators highlighted the need for national agencies to align their plans to the Vision and to ensure they understood the Vision.
The administrators expressed concern about the need for national departments and agencies to align their plans with the Vision and then work with the provinces in implementing the national strategic plan contained in the Vision.
They said practical steps needed to be taken to implement the Vision taking into account the resources, roles and responsibilities of national agencies in collaborating with provinces.
The administrators also stated that disagreements between the various national agencies must be resolved so that all national agencies could “ sing the same tune” with the provinces in implementing the Vision.
Mr Zurenuoc in his closing remarks, said the Vision and its plans have to be implemented over the next nine months.
All provinces will conduct audits of their provincial plans to ensure they align with the Vision.
The workshop recommended that the Prime Minister assumed immediate responsibility for the development budget and personnel management powers and entrusts the Chief Secretary and the secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council to secure full implementation of Vision 2050. As part of the awareness campaign on Vision 2050, the Chief Secretary had approved the staging of a workshop for journalists and Government public relations officers to be held in Lae towards the end of April on Vision 2050.