Vital to get the grassroots view

Letters, Normal

IT is important to identify who are the people of Jiwaka now.
This is an issue that must be addressed by the Electoral Boundaries Commission before the boundaries are drawn and submitted to Parliament.
We all know that Jiwaka will become a province in 2012.
The question is where the boundaries will be.
I am from Komun village in the Anglimp district where I have been staying since I was born.
I see myself as a Western Highlander and not a Jiwakan. 
Generally speaking, the people of Anglimp district are not Jiwaka people because they do not speak the Jiwaka language and culturally, we are more aligned with the Western Highlands people.
Therefore, politicians and people with vested interest cannot push this issue around in Waigani but seriously consider the views of the people and their village leaders (councillors).
It must be noted that there are people out there in the districts who are not able to express themselves over this issue.
Right forums have not been provided to seek people’s views.
The Electoral Boundaries Commission must now go to the districts and speak with the local level government authorities and the people and see what they have to say on this issue. 
Forget those that are pushing papers in the corridors of Parliament house.
They do not represent the majority of the people affected by this issue.


Komun Kange
Port Moresby