Vital to speak out against corruption, illegal crimes

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your front page photo yesterday of the road block between Angula River and Ialibu junction.
The actions of the landowners have sent a bad impression to investors and other Papua New Guineans of Southern Highlanders.
This section of the road had not seen any major developments because the people living in that area are irresponsible.
How can these people build their houses right next to the drainage system of the road?
If that was not bad enough, they also had the gall to plant all sorts of trees next to the road.
They are also known to make “kaukau mountains”, whether it is black soil, red soil or clay, as long as they are 1m to 2m from the road.
If you were to look further ahead, you would see vast empty spaces of land.
Why can’t these people build their houses, plant their trees and make “kaukau mountains” there?
I can say that these people are out of their minds.
How can they hold the public and the business houses to ransom when they know that they are wrong in the first place?
We must send our Works officers there to tell them that 5m from the road belongs to the State and they have no right to erect structures, plant trees, make “kaukau mountains” and claim for compensation. 
These people must know they are lucky enough that the national road passed through their land.
They should appreciate and say thank you to the good Lord for the service they receive.
Imagine the people in Menyamya, Karamui or Salt-Nomane struggling with loads and loads of cargo on foot while people like these people are enjoying every minute of their ride right to the front of their door steps.