Volunteers left out of thank you list

Letters, Normal

I NOTICED at the closing ceremony on Saturday night that of all the people in the thank you list, there was no word of thanks or appreciation made to volunteers who worked tirelessly for 10 days.
The volunteers were involved in providing security, maintaining cleanliness of the field and facilities, building stages, assisting medical first aid and providing information as well as supporting provinces where necessary.
Many young people I know were recruited as volunteers and they did their assigned tasks faithfully everyday and a word of thank you would have meant much more to them than money or food at the closing ceremony.
I wonder why they were forgotten or was that an indication that their work and contribution was not valuable enough to get into the thank you list?
They are a special group of people that also deserve special mention.
In any event or venue you attend, you cannot help but spot volunteers in their white shirts faithfully doing their assigned tasks.
I am proud of all volunteers and on behalf of my family and others, I want to thank the volunteers for their tireless efforts.


Ruby Skie
Port Moresby