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A FEMALE employee of PNG Air has reported a cyber harassment case against an Australian man who she claimed used defamatory and vulgar language against her.
The 73-year-old from Queensland failed to appear before Magistrate Danny Wakikura in the Waigani Committal Court yesterday and had his case adjourned to Wednesday.
According to police, the man allegedly sent emails to the complainant containing abusive and derogatory language.
On June 17, at 7.50am, while at work, the woman used her work email to send a message to the man asking him to provide an update on the office’s Wi-Fi.
He did not respond until 7.42pm the same day saying: “Yes, of course, shove it as far as it will go and pass that on to any other bucktooth idiot.”
At 8am the next day, the general manager informed her that his staff were not being isolated.
“So at 8:15am, she sent another email raising concern on why the staff were not being isolated.
The man then responded concerning the staff isolation.
Then later at 2:18pm, he allegedly started swearing on his emails.
He allegedly sent the following: “The hardest part of my job is having to deal with half smart poorly educated idiots that have the effrontery to tell me how to run my businesses and I’m sick of repeating myself to half smart poorly educated coons.”
He also allegedly sent another email stating: “For your information, there has never been a third world coon country that has risen above that third world status and there never will be.”
The matter was reported to the cybercrime section at the 7-Mile Police Station in Port Moresby.
The man was taken in for questioning and later charged with four counts of cyber harassment.
He will appear in court on Wednesday.


  • Lay appropriate charges and send him up to Bomana. No special treatment for him. Everyone must be treated fairly under PNG laws regardless of anyone being black, brown, yellow or white.

  • He thought he was smart , he deserve to stay behind bars for years and needs to compensate the staff.
    We PGNean DO NOT deserve such treatment from aggressive foreigners who’s been in our country for white
    collar deals this is happening in PNG foreigners with white skin thought they are more superior then Blacks.

  • This so called Australian does not deserve to work and live PNG. He needs to be charged and sent back to his own country. He is a racist!

  • Just salim em go lon ples blo em na run his business from there. He as no respect for the people and country that he is earning his living from.

  • It amazes me how often foreigners especially Aussies whilst being employed in PNG does not seem to appreciate the privileges afforded to them by the very country and the people they degrade and abuse.

    Simply deport him!

  • What a complete idiot. Have him locked up and then deported never to return to PNG.

  • His remarks are an insult to PNG and not only the lady. He just proved his stupidity and outdated knowledge. “Third World” is a derogatory statement in contemporary world and he should not use that on us. Charge him and send him to Bomana so he will see how smart we are.

  • Re-patriate him immediately! what was he looking for in PNG when he suppose to be doing business in a developed world?

  • His comments are very intense and I feel it through my bones and nerves. I am sure you may have been provoked to say what you said, but mate, this is too intense hay, you could have responded professionally. I am a Papua New Guineans working in Dubai, UAE, and his comments makes me feel like a substandard human being from a third world country that will never rise above its third world status. This is a hard one to swallow, mate, but thanks to you, you have empowered me to treat your own kind in the way you treated my Papua New Guineans. Some Papua New Guineans have raised above the world grading that you have labelled, you get what you give. Watch it.

  • This particular white alien is lucky to be given a job in PNG, as he could not find a similar job in his own country. It demonstrates his level of education, half educated or lowly educated for that matter. He would be a rubbish collector or a janitor at a public toilet based on how he has expressed himself here. he should he sent to Bomana and deported and blacklisted, never to set foot again in PNG. He should be charged with racial discrimination and gender harassment as well as intimidating a fellow worker. who does he think he is. he is a guest in our country and must respect our fellow citizens and women alike. PNG is no place for white coons like this particular alien.

  • He wouldn’t have gotten himself into this mud if he was indeed as smart as he calimed to be. He has a very
    unintelligence judgement on people and stituation. His time is up, get this coon to bomana !

  • The actions of the white guy is totally defamatory,insult and racist which accounts him to be punished by PNG laws. On the other hand, it challenges our hr system on who to employ. It really challenges us pngeans to stand tall as an independent country and do things for our selves. Am pretty sure that by now, we are able to do jobs that some experts sitting in the chair are doing.

  • Hope this news reaches Australian Prime Minister. There are many so called Aussies in PNG with such attitude. We need to start speak up about racism in PNG.

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