Wabag chicken factory location not suitable

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The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WHILE I commend acting Prime Minister Sam Abal for allocating K16 million for the Wabag-Wapenamanda road, I would like to appeal to him and his district planning committee members to relocate the  Wabag chicken factory.
With due respect to Abal for securing and allocating funds for the first chic­ken factory in the highlands, I would like to say the proposed loca­tion is not suitable.
The location, Pawas-Keas, is within the vicinity of the Wabag town.
I would like to suggest that the factory be built outside the town.
For the sake of those of who have not been to Wabag, it is like building a chicken factory right in the vicinity of residential and commercial centre of Boroko in the nation’s capital.
For the MP to choose the location is most unwise.
It is not practical for many reasons but I would like to highlight just two:
1. As it is located within Wabag town, it will pose an environmental hazard for all people (residents, visitors, landowners, etc) in the town in terms of waste management, air and noise pollution; and
2. Given the narrow geographical landscape of the township, it is not possible to expand to the north, south or west because of the surrounding mountains and can only expand eastward. We cannot afford to use this land for this factory as this land is supposed to be developed for residential, commercial and other developments like the proposed multi-million Wabag market.
My good MP, we know that you are not an unreasonable man.
This multi-million factory is welcomed by many of us but the choice of location is not good.
On behalf of the Wabag people, I appeal to the acting prime minister to reconsider the location and relocate the factory to Akom, Birip or Aiya Valley.


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