Wabag villagers get K1.3m compo

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LANDOWNERS outside Wabag town in Enga province received K1.3 million in compensation from the Government for damage caused by the Highlands Rehabilitation Programme.
The money was handed out on Monday to the Kombran and Langap people who live in Sakaarip and Nandi for the structural payment of houses, fences and buildings damaged during the road works.
The 11.6km-long road upgrade from Wabag town to Sakaarip was carried out by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Works Department last year through Lorma constructions.
The payment was made to landowners for the road construction of an additional 2.3km from Sakaarip to the Lai Bridge.
ADB community relations officer Martin Mawa said of the amount given, K33,000 was paid through cheques while the rest were paid in cash.
He said more than K2.5 million had been allocated for this road upgrade project by ADB to set up better road conditions.