Wagambie to pursue charges against Baki

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RECENTLY appointed acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tony Wagambie, will still pursue contempt charges against Police Commissioner Gari Baki for failure to enforce court orders at the appropriate time as ordered by the court for his appointment.
Mr Wagambie, who was appointed a few days ago to the senior post, went to court last Friday and the matter went before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia at the Waigani National Court.
Mr Wagambie, through his lawyers, sought to move the application for contempt charges against the commissioner.
However, Justice Injia found that the matter was prematurely listed for hearing as there was no return date of the motion and lack of service of the documents to all parties.
Justice Injia, therefore, ordered the matter to be returned to the registry for re-listing and told the lawyers to file a fresh motion to pursue the matter.
Mr Wagambie was appointed to the post last March 27 following an NEC decision soon after the suspension of Geoffery Vaki. His appointment was officially published in the National Gazette and local media.
However, he was not formally accepted by the Commissioner, who went ahead and appointed Rafael Huafolo as the acting deputy commissioner under an internal administrative arrangement.
Mr Wagambie informed Mr Baki on several occasions regarding the appointment but Mr Baki replied that he was awaiting advice from the Police Minister.
The court was told that Mr Wagambie never received any response after several months of waiting and that prompted him to institute legal proceedings against Mr Baki and the State for prolonging the commencement of his appointment.
The matter proceeded in court until substantive orders were issued for Mr Baki to reinstate Mr Wagambie.
Mr Wagambie is instituting contempt charges as he believes Mr Baki had failed to comply with court orders at the appropriate time required by the court order.