Warrant of arrest out for Chimbu regional candidate

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The National, Monday 06th August, 2012

CHIMBU regional seat candidate John Kerenga Gugl has a warrant for his arrest after he failed to appear before the Goroka District Court last Friday on a charge of spreading false reports.
Goroka Task Force police personnel are expected to travel to Kundiawa today to arrest Gugl and take him to Goroka where he would be dealt with.
Counting for the Chimbu regional seat is nearing completion and Gugl is in second spot behind leader Noah Kool and ahead of incumbent Fr John Garia.
Gugl was arrested in Goroka last Wednesday where he was purportedly spearheading a new political group called the Eastern Bloc Alliance.
Gugl had made statements in the media calling on all newly elected MPs to join the Eastern Bloc Alliance that was camping in Goroka.
He named Northern and Morobe governors Gary Juffa and Kasiga Kelly Naru as among those in the Eastern Bloc Alliance in Goroka.
However, when Orokaivans and Morobeans learnt that their governors were in camp with the Eastern Alliance Bloc, they rang and questioned the two elected governors.
This angered the two men who then laid a formal complaint with police, resulting in Gugl’s arrest.
In his statement to police Juffa said what Gugl reported in the media was false and misleading.
“I am disappointed to note that Gugl has made false statements in the media claiming to represent me and my fellow Governor Kelly Naru,” he said.
“These false reports in the media, (TV, radio and print) have misled our people in our two provinces and also the people of PNG. I categorically deny that neither I nor my colleague governor (Naru) is with Gugl and his Eastern Bloc.”
Juffa intends to sue Gugl for what he claims was false political statements which had tarnished his status.