Warring parties at Sabama make peace

National, Normal

The National Monday, December 13, 2010

THOUSANDS of people braved the rain and cold weather yesterday afternoon to witness the peace ceremony between two enemy factions at the Sabama settlement in Port Moresby.
Police personnel from the Badili and Boroko police stations were also present to witness the event that would broker peace between the two Highlands ethnic groups, who are also residents of Sabama.
The fight, which erupted last weekend between the Engans and Eastern Highlanders resulted in many people from both sides receiving bullet and spear wounds and a number of properties destroyed.
The fight was believed to have started when an Eastern Highlands youth was chopped in the leg by youths from Enga at Sabama market.
The fighting continued throughout last weekend until last Monday morning when NCD superintendent operations, Jim Namora, gave an ultimatum to the faction leaders to identify the individuals who had instigated the fight or they would all go to jail.
The leaders responded last Wednesday, telling Chief Insp Namora that they did not want any further injuries and destruction.
 In the peace ceremony, the Engans paid K6,500 to the Eastern Highlanders and the Eastern Highlanders reciprocated by paying K3,000 and four cartons of Coca-Cola to the Engans.
A working committee was formed to seek help from the MP and other groups to rebuild more than 11 buildings that were destroyed.
Namora issued a warning that anybody who tried to take the law into their own hands would face the full force of the law.