Water and sanitation to be promoted in Rigo

Normal, Papua

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

A HEALTH and sanitation promotion will be conducted in Rigo district, Central, on the European Union funded rural water supply and sanitation programme (RWSSP) in conjunction with Childfund PNG on Feb 7 and 8.
RWSSP engineer Stuart Jordan said The National yesterday that the promotion will be staged overnight.
The promotion will include a night time health video, a morning event and the construction of an appropriate toilet as a demonstration.
He said, from the example shown, the village community could then build for themselves proper toilets using local materials.
Jordan added that the health status and behaviour of the communities are measured both at the beginning and at the end of water supply constructions, sanitation improvements and hygiene education activities. 
“The aim is to improve health and their lifestyle placing heavy emphasis on individuals changing their attitude towards their hygiene and sanitation behaviour, just like the ‘Healthy Island’ approach,” he said.
It is understood that RWSSP was engaged in more than 400 projects since 2006.
And a total of K60 million had been spent in PNG for rural communities however, this funding mechanism is due to end in 2012.