We can’t ‘take back’ anything on ‘PNG time’


THE recent protest during a Parliament sitting by Opposition MPs over Government MPs being late is frustrating and annoying ordinary citizens.
The phrase “PNG time” is habitually true and live in all walks of life in our country.
If you go to work late or come to meetings late or absent, it doesn’t matter.
It’s Papua New Guinea’s systematic habit of being late or absent.
This attitude needs to change or else we can not “take back PNG”.
Parliamentarians have the habit of being late or absent from important Parliament sessions.
This is a chronic pandemic of time management in all walks of life in PNG.
The two factions of Parliament must put their contentions and indifferences aside, and not stand against each other, destroying the divinely instituted Government of God.
MPs should adhere and respect Parliamentary principles and Standing Orders.
Members of parliament have no right to despise or interfere in prescribing laws, rules and regulations to bind the conscience of few men, or to dictate forms for selfish desires.
These enacted rules and regulations hold leaders accountable for their actions in making legislation and administering them for the good of our citizens and society.
MPs should know by now that by becoming the “voice of the people”, you are in Parliament to represent and fight for the people who voted for you.
Let’s uphold our dignity and protect our moral conduct.
Shall we get time on our side and do the business of our people or put our self willed personal interest before us?

J .Mike Lucien