Well done Prime Minister


DESPITE views to the contrary, I commend the Prime Minister James Marape for tailoring the 2020 National Budget to his call to “Take Back PNG”.
Apart from the normal technical budgetary aspects relating to debt servicing and others, this government is not only talking, but has lived the talk in tying K200 million into the small to medium enterprises (SME).
This is complimented by equal emphasis in the tertiary vocational education training (TVET) and technical trade for upskilling and training individuals to take up opportunities in the SME using the acquired skills.
The people, through responsible business training institutions such as the respective provinces’ business and commerce divisions and other institutions, should be given basic training.
The government’s development priorities and new focus should be correctly driven into the minds of the populace by the state’s responsible agencies.
The bureaucracy should step in and sell the redirection of government priorities through the budget by this government to support its call to “Take Back PNG”.
Enough of keeping quiet!
This is a brilliant move to break the hoodoo of tying citizens into politicians free school fee bondage – a scheme invented to cripple people’s ingenuity into doing their own things to meet parental obligations.
The prime minister should be commended for setting the development platform in the right direction. Well done prime minister!

Koreken Levi,


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