What changes can opposition bring?


IT’S interesting to note that the battle between the two factions is heating up because of the looming vote of no confidence.
The seat is up for grabs and the question is, which side of the house will conquer the throne.
The opposition is calling on voters to talk to their elected MPs to stand up and make decisions for their people. As for us ordinary citizens, our future is hanging on the balance.
The decisions made by our leaders during such crucial times determine our future. I am trying to find the logic behind this call. I am neither opposition nor government.
My question is, in what form or medium does the opposition wants us ordinary voters to call on our leaders?
Do we have some last-minute chances or provisions to air our views to ensure our respective mandated leaders hear us and stand or cross the floor of parliament to an agreed side as per our electorate’s wish?
If this is possible, how can we do it? Who will do it for us? And in what form or medium of communication we can use to penetrate this message across?
On the same note, the race is on and if law or time does not permit us to share or convey our views to our leaders before they cross over to the other side, resulting with the isolate decisions they make.
The monopoly system has hijacked our voting rights. We have no mandated body that stands neutral between the government and opposition to ensure to fight for people’s rights.
We see the government and opposition as one goes against one. We need to have three bodies or odd numbers to ensure decisions, one cannot go against two.
For now what the government thinks is right is right and the opposition can’t do anything because the government has numbers to bank on. The call made by shadow minister for finance and treasury Ian Ling-Stuckey for PNG to have a consumer council should be supported.
This body should be formed and empowered with vast responsibility, purposely mandated to serve ordinary citizens.
This is the body that can stand neutral to protect the rights of the simple people of this country. We need someone to speak on our behalf.

Hanam Bill Sandu

One thought on “What changes can opposition bring?

  • we voted these people into office, unfortunately we have to live with the decisions they make for us, its a cycle that starts over again after every five years. Its been said that the fastest way to becoming a million-air overnight is to win a seat in the PNG elections- so we the people need to change that mentality and make sure people we vote in to office are genuine and afraid to betray the people. The only way to do this is with terror tactics. A member for parliament needs to be gunned down, assassinated publicly so that others will understand the risks involved with politics in PNG- its not just a lucky lottery win, your dealing with the lives of millions of people so be fair and be true, show that your a true leader with concerns for the people who voted you in and not for self interest.

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