What is our dream?


ONE hears about the American dream.
An intrinsic drive in the American psyche instilled into the consciousness of its people.
Synonymous with success and the modern progressive person.
Americans have cultivated this admirable aspiration and ideal of greatness over centuries to an extent where it has become instinctive to them.
This very idea can be pinpointed as the driving force behind every popular feat and accomplishment that Americans have made and achieved. The rest of the world have come to admire and try to mimick.
Now let’s ask ourselves as Papua New Guineans: What is our dream?
What is it that we individually seek to achieve?
What is that we all as Papua New Guineans can find commonality in and so aspire to, as our collective dream?
We can have national plans, policies, strategies, guidelines and well thought and articulated blueprints/dossiers.
It is the outcomes, particularly intentional outcomes, that produce the seeds of pride and admiration in one’s national effort.
The precedents set by national bodies or institutions, and the performances of the figures in authority with regards to the integrity of these offices and roles, provide the incubating environment to aspire to a common dream for the populace.

Egan Ulach