Where have we gone wrong?

Letters, Normal

THE one big question every Papua New Guinean should ask is “where did we go wrong?”
We read and hear about the great economic boom and its positive effects.
We have the LNG project, the ever booming oil, gas and mineral sector and the proposed multi-billion kina Purari hydro-electricity project, etc.
PNG is truly “an island floating on oil and gold”.
Even Australia is keen to import water from PNG via huge undersea piping system.
These are positive stories that generate high expectations.
Our government is trying its best to deliver services but what is clear, and it does not need a rocket scientist, is that we are not moving forward in a pace that is expected.
We really need a divine intervention to progress.
PNG has lost its way and how can we call our country a Christian nation when evil is on the rise?
We need to elect God-fearing politicians into parliament or else we stand to lose all we have gained thus far to lawlessness.


Gideon Maim