Why aren’t politicians prosecuted?


IT is interesting to read news of politicians from other countries being penalised and forced to step down for misappropriating public funds.
This raises questions if Papua New Guinea’s judiciary system is working like those of other countries.
Can we restore the people’s trust and confidence by reopening the widely-publicised criminal cases of MPs and other dignitaries so they can be dealt with?
People are still eager to know a more honest and transparent court outcome on the NPF-Maladina saga, the Waigani land deal, the UBS loan, the purchase of two generators from an Israeli firm, the Manumanu land deal and the awarding of dubious contracts to politically-connected firms of both local and overseas contractors.
As far as the people are concerned, true justice is yet to be served to the criminals who act in disguise as leaders.

Reopen dishonestly-ruled cases
Hoping for true justice


  • The current police commissioner soon after being sworn into office,said he will reveal many high profile cases and everyone in PNG are still waiting for him to deliver the Justice however he cannot escape the corrupt money if am not wrong. I think the commissioner is afraid of loising his job or what. God Almighty is watching all leaders and is about to full them down one by one when the times are right.

  • Unless our system is totally different from the rest of the world, our leaseders are neither immune for prosecution or there are two diffrent sets of rules.
    One for the rich and powerful the other for the poor and powerless.

    Which where are we heading?
    Whats becoming of the first b;ack rich christian country than?

    Action action action please.

  • Grass roots people are jailed for stealing 10 kina but leaders are stealing millions and nothing has been done or talked about it . looks like we have two laws , one for grass roots and one for leaders.

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