Why I chose to be vaccinated

Health Watch

The queues at the Rita Flynn Covid-19 centre are getting long again as more people are lining up for the
Covid-19 vaccine. People were put in lines according to their respective electorates outside and once inside, they were
divided into those getting their first dose and those in for their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. When the vaccine
first arrived, priority was given to health workers, essential workers and those above 45 with comorbidities.
But now, the vaccination is open to the public. The National’s LULU MARK spoke to people at the centre yesterday
to get their views about the vaccine. Here’s what some of them said:

Jemimah Monape:
I got the Covid-19 earlier and during the isolation period, I felt sad for my family because everyone had to go into
isolation as well. After I recovered, I decided that I would take the Covid-19 vaccine when it was made available for myself, my family and other people around me, especially the ones that are vulnerable to the disease. This is my second dose. I took the first dose on May 7 at Edai Town when the roll-out for Central started.


Alesta Kaluga:

It is said that the vaccine has both advantages and disadvantages, but I think it’s good to take the vaccine. In terms of health, it is a protection against the Covid-19. But it is more important for work because when you are vaccinated, you can keep working and that’s the reason I am taking the vaccine.

Darwin Waburi:
I think being vaccinated against the Covid-19 is important. I was told that it was good for my health and also getting the vaccine would enable me to travel around with ease as it is becoming one of the requirements. I made up my mind to get the vaccine last week and this is my first dose.

Fabian Mokulabeta:
If the Covid-19 vaccination is for the good of everybody then it should be the way to go. If it is supposed to protect us then it is important that we take it. I think the complication around here is the line, otherwise, everything is alright and should be simple.

Rachael Warakunje:
I don’t want to get the Covid-19 that’s why I came to get the vaccine. The vaccine will protect me from the disease. I came with my husband on Monday to get the vaccine but the line was very long so we went back and I came alone today. He will come (later) to get the first dose. I think people should get the vaccine to protect themselves as well.

Wellington Singara:
I heard a lot of people saying positive and negative things about the Covid-19 vaccine, but for me it is important that I get it now, as being vaccinated might become compulsory for the company I work with. I have to get the vaccine before that happens.