Why is NGCB keen on mobile gambling?

Letters, Normal

THE response from the National Gaming Control Board (The National, Nov 11) suggests that it desperately wants to proceed with the mobile phone lottery despite the widespread opposition.
In announcing that it would proceed with the lottery, after suspending it for a few days, the board said it would impose some controls.
The controls, as described by the board, appear to be hastily thought up.
The board’s chief executive officer, Simon Sanagke, claimed that they had installed software which would identify each player by name, age and village.
Does he mean to say that henceforth, all mobile phone users would have to provide their personal details?
It might be applicable to those buying a new phone, but what about the thousands who already own one?
How does he propose to get all of them to register?
Bar them from using their phone unless they register?
Would this require some legislation?
Now even if this registration exercise goes through, how would we know that a bet has indeed been placed by the owner, and not someone who could have “borrowed” the phone?
Furthermore, we all know how poor PNG is when it comes to enforcing regulations.
I would also like to ask the board, why it is so keen to run this lottery?
What will the lottery serve, especially when everyone knows the social ills that alcohol and pokie machines are causing?


Port Moresby