Wife gets 6 years in prison for killing husband


A 28-YEAR-OLD woman was jailed 11 years with light labour by the Waigani National Court for the murder of her husband following a domestic quarrel in their Tokarara residence in May.
Justice Teresa Berrigan on Friday sentenced Shamilla Kapoi, from Malalaua’s Sepoi village, but suspended three years and time in custody, leaving Kapoi with a six years and nine months to serve in Bomana Prison.
The court heard that the husband had threatened to kill Kapoi after she reported him to police for being involved in criminal activities.
“There is evidence that prior to the incident, they argued about the deceased being in association with criminals. The killing occurred in a domestic setting, there was a de facto relationship and an offensive weapon was used,” Justice Berrigan said of the aggravating factors.
In mitigation, Kapoi pleaded that she was a first time offender, had surrendered to police and had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.
On May 20, between 7am and 8am, an argument broke out between the couple after the husband told Kapoi that he would go to Tokarara market so she should follow him and catch up later at the market.
Kapoi was inside their room while the husband was outside on the stairs.
The husband became frustrated and went inside the house to start a fight with Kapoi. Kapoi took a kitchen knife which she just bought when hearing her husband coming in.
Kapoi then got mad during the argument and swung at the husband but he turned around to cover himself, resulting in Kapoi stabbing him in the back.
The knife penetrated through his back and was removed by his brother but the husband died afterwards.
Kapoi then went to the police station and surrendered herself and willingly gave a confession statement.