Wife killer jailed for 16yrs

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A JUDGE has sentenced a man who stabbed his former wife to death to 16 years in prison, saying such killings were prevalent and warranted jail terms as a deterrent.
National Court Judge Panuel Mogish told Bradley Neri, 35, of Ruma village in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands that while a life sentence was “not appropriate in this case”, a jail term of between 16 and 20 years “would be appropriate bearing the offender’s circumstances, the presence of de-facto provocation and payment of substantial compensation”.
“This should bring home the message that domestic violence is a serious offence calling for strong deterrent sentences,” he said.
“Domestic violence resulting in death is prevalent and call for a stern punishment.”
Neri, a computer scientist, will serve about 12 years at Bomana after four years and three days were deducted for the time he had spent in remand.
Justice Mogish considered that Neri had no previous conviction, his relatives had compensated the relatives of the late Mary Ketege with K25,000 in cash, 12 pigs, K10,000 in repatriation costs and K7,000 for funeral expenses.
He said that at the time of the offence, Neri was provoked and acted immediately to subdue the provocation offered to him which unfortunately led to Ketege’s death.
The couple were also living separately as Neri was living with another woman.
Justice Mogish said Neri pleaded not guilty to the charge but was convicted of murder after a trial.
“The facts as I found were that on the afternoon of March 10, 2016, Ketege confronted Neri at Tabari Place, Boroko, and attempted to stab him with a knife,” he said.
Neri managed to hold the knife and after a struggle, the couple fell to the ground.
“Neri by then had disarmed Ketege and while they were lying on the ground, he stabbed her with the knife once to her right chest,” he said.
“He twisted the knife inside her body, causing further internal injuries and leading to her death.”
Justice Mogish said Neri could have just left Ketege on the ground and left.
“But that did not happen,” he said.
“That to my mind was deliberate and reduces the strength of his plea of provocation.”


  • PNG is so corrupt of reports on socery killings,rapes, murder and other hot issues. It’s better the PNG Justice should tighten up penalties for serious matter and let justice prevail. So, that this may be a challenge for upcoming generation.

  • Neri reacted to Ketege’s attack in self defense but maybe the motive behind the twisting of the weapon in her was seriously considered. Anywhere, Bro Neri, shifting blame is not a good character in life, like Adam did in the beginning. What had happened, has happened and we all regret that a life has fallen. I only pray that; May the good Lord be with you as you work toward recovering from the trauma, depression, anxiety, separation, guilt etc. and start putting those pieces together in correcting yourself.

  • That’s the outcome devil wants in peoples life. Lusting after another women and leaving the love of your youth. Neri, you have succumb to the devils many schemes that is destroying a lot of lives in this modern age. The Devil has succeeded in destroying your life. Nothing have been gained out of this as your computer science qualifications will be locked up in prison for the next 16 years. Bro, the best you can do now is ask God for forgiveness, repent, change inwardly and believe in Christ Jesus because he knows what is best for all of us.

  • How about this lawyer guy in POM that brutally murdered his young wife. The Justice System seems to have never caught up with this murderer.

  • Patience is like are stamina. It energises us without lack of complains. It influences along with the support of the honesties we obtain, too, motivates us into view, even the going gets tough..

    Buddy, thank God that he has open the doors of everything for you to see. May the heavenly father guide and protect you until he is done with you..

  • We’re accountable for our actions. If they weren’t married they wouldn’t seperate n if they weren’t seperated they wouldn’t be jealous or angry and if they weren’t jealous or angry they wouldn’t fight and if they weren’t fighting she wouldn’t die and he wouldn’t be jailed. Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you wanted, you taught it’s not a big deal but it costs more than you can possibly comprehend. Sorry but we have to face the reality.

  • Regardless of the nature of provocation, taking one’s life is complete difiance to God. Who is man to take another’s life? God is the life giver and He alone has authority to take it. To take a life only puts you under a curse uttered by the Creator; ‘ whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed…’ Neri can repent of his sins but does that reverse the curse? This truth may haunt Neri but God will give him peace as he repents. However, will still live to face the ultimatum. Would-murders out there, think before you stand in the place of God to take life. Manage your anger as an intelligent being and not run over by your emotions. Taking another life is not a game.

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